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Greeting cards


Wrote award-winning greeting cards that garnered Editors’ Choice recognition and were sold at retail stores nationwide

minted dance like everyone's watching.jpg

FRONT: At the reception, dance like everyone’s watching

INSIDE: Because they are, and they all have camera phones.

* LOL Award recipient *

Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 11.39.19 PM.jpg

FRONT: Sparkling, bubbly, and sweet

INSIDE: No wonder everyone likes you. Happy birthday!

minted copywriter 3.jpg

FRONT: On your birthday, you deserve the best.

INSIDE: But, my paycheck is the worst. Happy birthday anyway!

* featured at National Stationery Show 2019 *

minted copywriter 1.jpg

FRONT:Sip Sip Soirée

INSIDE: Cheers to another year! Happy Birthday

* featured at National Stationery Show 2019 *

ART CREDITS: Dance Like Everyone’s Watching - Alicia Schultz, all other art - Maddy Hague