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Rebrand with a dash of wit and a healthy dose of not-too-preachy financial advice to make saving and investing appealing to teens and women.



Try our Red SHOES on for size!
You want to save more money, visit Greece, or buy a house next year. Take your first step with Red SHOES, our exclusive financial wellness program. Summit Credit Union pros like Suzie, Jane, Renee, and Evelyn can help you craft a budget, make a 5-year plan, and design an investment strategy that’s tailored to your lifestyle. We’ll help you achieve your financial goals, whether that’s a million dollars or something that makes you feel like a million.

This isn’t a one-size-fits-all program. Your coach will help you define your million, understand your current financial picture, and prioritize action steps to accomplish your goal. If something in your life changes, give your coach a call. With our online tools, workbook, and advice, you can figure out how to adjust your goals, control your spending, lower your debt, and stay on track.

Register for Red SHOES for $20, and get ready to name your goal, set your pace, and claim your million. Swing by any of our 23 branches to get started.


We could lecture you about the importance of saving money and spending wisely, but instead we’re going to put our advice into action. We’ve teamed up with La Follette and James Madison Memorial High School to create in-school Summit branches. Stop by during your lunch hour to ask questions, get advice, and become an all-around financial ninja.

We’ll also drop some saving, spending, money-managing knowledge:

  • during in-class guest speaking sessions

  • when you swing by to open a savings or checking account

  • online through our foolproof online financial resources

No matter where you go after high school, your finances will follow. Don’t worry. We’ll make sure you’re on the right path to accomplish your goals, create wealth, and be a money whiz. After all, we’re your resource for a richer life.