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Creating Winning Strategies
Take the fear out of decision-making. Learn how to take intelligent risks, minimize biases in your assessments, and measure the quality of strategic decisions in our Creating Winning Strategies course. Enroll in this three-day course, and learn to strengthen your organization’s strategy and decision-making capabilities from our esteemed faculty. READ MORE ➤ 

Power + Influence
Harness the power of persuasion. Enroll in our Power & Influence: Strategically Managing Business Relationships course to gain the tools to effectively communicate your ideas. This high-impact class is tailored to help you get support from others, leverage your existing skills, and build a power base.

Corporate Services
Make skill gaps a thing of the past. Our corporate services programs are tailored to enhance your employees’ business savvy and help you navigate mergers & acquisitions, develop high-potential leaders, and create a shared framework. Together, we can help your organization evolve. READ MORE ➤


CHS Grows Leaders with a Vision to 2020
Cenex Harvest States (CHS, Inc.), a leading global agribusiness owned by U.S. farmers, ranchers, and co-ops, has earned its place amongst the Fortune 100. After developing a plan to grow the business through year 2020 and beyond, CHS invested in developing leaders within the company. The company looked to the experienced course counselors at Executive Education to design a custom curriculum to hone their employees’ ability to influence others and build partnerships. READ MORE

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Subject: Summer School is in Session
Heat up your resume, and still have time to revel in lazy days at the lake. With our short courses, you can upgrade your business skills in just 2-3 days.

Make Your Success a Sure Bet
Intro: Ditch your day-to-day distractions, and immerse yourself in case studies, lives cases, and team projects during this transformative program. 

Subject: Get Fluent in Finance
Intro: If conversations about accrual method, valuation principle, and value-added cash flow make you break out in hives, it’s time to learn the language of Finance.